Order Taking

Keep reps in sync, updates to product catalog, prices, inventory and all the customer’s relevant information occur in real time.

Automatize the sales process and reduce manual errors when taking an order!

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Organized digital catalog

Showcase your products elegantly with a fully indexed database. Quickly find what you are looking for and drive your sales to success.

Cross-selling & Upselling

Encourage customers to buy other related products that complement their purchase, or a differetn, better, more expensive version of the same product.

Always updated

Instantly publish/unpublish what items are available for sale, current special offers, product inventory, etc...

Different units of measure

if your supplier uses a unit of measure different from how your sales are recorded. RepCamp, transparently handles it, no thinking needed, no confusion created.

Rich media support

Multiple images, videos, technical data sheets, pdfs, presentations files, etc..

Lightning fast

All data is synchronized and stored locally making your catalog available even offline. As no remote data access is needed your catalog will fly.

Complete product information

Reps will have detailed information pages for products, so there will be no customer questions without response.

Smart search engine

Cross-filter your catalog with your customer recent sales making product stock and replenish easier and faster.


Unlimited Price lists

The system allows you to set different and customized prices for your customers.

Net price and discounts

RepCamp's flexible pricing system allows you to set different net prices for the same products and up to three discounts applied in cascade.

Special offers & bonus

Some markets are likely to use bonus offers like buy two and get one for free (2+1, 5+2).

Quantity based pricing

Reward the purchase of big amounts of your articles specifying net prices and discounts based on purchased quantities.


Simple yet powerful

Select a customer, navigate through the catalog while adding items to cart with just a finger tap and close the deal in no time.

Instant order comunication

Once the order is closed, it is automatically transmitted for validation to the backend, cutting process time.

Fast Ordering

Copy, duplicate and manipulate past orders for faster ordering. Alternatively use the "Quick Add" feature to add items incredibly fast.

Barcode scanning

Take advantage of the device camera to scan items barcode and instantly added to the order.
Perfect for showrooms and trade shows..

Quote-ing is easy

Personalized quote to existing or new customers, for later review and approval.


Having an updated inventory means selling only what’s available or what it will be replenished soon, reducing management of backorders and cancelled orders

Order comments

Add a comment lines to reflect important information about that specific item in cart. Also communicate with your team by introducing internal order comments..

Confirmation & Signature

Generate a confirmation pdf file with the signature of your customer, that you can later send via email.