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Do we always have to work with opportunities?

Experts say that the opportunity management generates the following benefits:

1.    Improves the internal communication.
2.    It shortens the time needed to close a sale.
3.    Improves the quality of business meetings.
4.    Gives a professional image to the costumer and increases customer satisfaction.
5.    Allows the transfer of information between sales reps much faster.
6.    Improves customer retention and loyalty.
7.    Optimizes the transition process between marketing actions and subsequent commercial actions.
If the sales process does not require it, for short or simple, you can directly create an offer for the account and follow up directly on that offer without the need to create an opportunity. 

Should the process always be to create a lead and then convert it into an account and close the sale?

Not necessarily. The objective is to translate the commercial actions into sales, applying a certain rigor and maintining estendaraized processes for each company to ensure a smoth internal comunication. It's not always necessary to create a lead, you can create a potential customer (account-company) and an associated contact (physical person).

In other words , if you have the necessary information to make an opportunity or an offer and indeed what we have in front of us seems to be a potential customer, it will not be necessary to create a lead. In general, leads are generated automatically and have specific origin or commercial action: a trade show, a campaign, etc. But they can, of course, be created manually  as a result of the event process. If it's necessary to maintain tracedability from marketing action, throught the commercial action to the sale in order to know the return or investment of each action; It will be necessary to create a lead (with its corresponding origin) to be converted.