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Relauching the droid

Relauching the droid

The android app was shipped back in 2014 together with the official launch of the RepCamp cloud version. A lot has occurred since then, not just in the android scene but also speaking of RepCamp growth from one of the best order taking apps on the market to a complete CRM solution for reps on the go.

Google has pivoted towards a better, more flexible coding language for the Android ecosystem and has also enhanced its platform with modern design patterns that we all can benefit from. In addition to that, the new features of RepCamp pose design challenges to encompass new features that confronted us with the decision to act.

We felt in a bit of technical debt and that is why we built a whole new app designed and recoded from scratch to deliver an experience that android users will love. All the accumulated feedback of the iOS and the existing Android app enabled us to make a simple, attractive and efficient solution without losing the essence of the platform.

Download the app from google play store


Please note that some steps must be done to ensure a seamless transtion for existing android users only. Find a migration guide here